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Having fun while you learn is the secret to what we do at Everybody Up! We heard talk of this approach as we grew up. At Everybody Up! we guarantee it. We'll have everyone up on their feet, having fun and learning as we practice the tools for improved communication, supporting team members and finally conquering the public speaking fears that have plagued us our entire lives.

Melissa Love, Founder & President
Melissa Love, Founder & President

We are not actors, we are you. Having worked on the corporate side for over two decades, we have lived the office politics, insane client deadlines and difficult coworkers.

Partnership clients have included: Rolls-Royce North America, Pizza Hut, The Venetian Resort, Comcast Cablevision, countless Indian tribes, operators of a grocery store chains, snack food manufacturers, restaurant chains,

amusement parks and community colleges to name just a few. We have led teams and entire organizations to work together through difficult situations and support each other every step of the way. There are no mistakes, just opportunities!

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Happy employees are 20% more effective and happy sales people produce 37% more sales!

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